Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Flour Sack Waving

I decided to jump a few exercises. Instead of doing character head turns, I decided to animate a flour sack first. In fact, right now I'll be alternating between a character and the flour sack until I finish the first level of the exercises. So, this is the eighth of the exercises - a flour sack waving in a loop:

08. Flour Sack Waving from Saberi Knakon on Vimeo.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Simple Head Turn

Forth assignment from the list. This is a simple character head turn. I haven't thought much into the character. It is just a girl looking from one end to another in amazement I guess.

04. Head Turn from Saberi Knakon on Vimeo.

A falling brick

Third of the fifty one animation exercises from this list. A brick falling from a shelf onto the ground.

Falling Brick from Saberi Knakon on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ball Bounce - Across screen

This is the second of the fifty one animation exercises from this list. A ball (I decided to do a golf ball) bounces across the screen.

02. BallBounce from Saberi Knakon on Vimeo.

Ball Bounce - in place

This is the first of the 51 animation exercises taken from the list : here
Ball bouncing in the same place:

01. Ball Bounce from Saberi Knakon on Vimeo.

Another animation list...

::Basics:: (Be comfortable doing these before anything)
:::: Ball bouncing/Rolling
:::: Balls of different weights(basketball, tennis ball, bowling ball, beach ball, etc)
:::: Balls in an obstacle course
:::: Flour Sack
:::: Overlap/Follow through (hair, tails, etc)
:::: Weight shift
:::: Side step
:::: Hop-scotch

::Intermediate:: (Slightly more advanced, have a good grasp on the basics. Character interactions, realistic weight, etc)
:::: Character lifting/pushing/pulling weight(give them a realistic situation, not just a box in an otherwise empty room)
:::: Jumping and landing(straight up and down, across a gap, etc)
:::: Sword Lunge/Swing
:::: Character on a pogo stick
:::: Character using weighted objects (hammer, axe, etc)
:::: Baseball Throw
:::: Baseball Hit
:::: Discus/Javeline/Shotput Throw(or any number of other Olympic events)
:::: Sports (basketball, skateboarding, boxing etc)
:::: Character showing off on a diving board(does he fail or succeed? See Link on Monsters vs Aliens for a fail)
:::: Changing from one emotion to another
:::: Being hit by a ball
:::: Throwing a heavy object
:::: Slumping into a chair
:::: Standing up (on the ground, in a chair, etc)
:::: Sitting down (on the ground, in a chair, etc)
:::: Diving for cover
:::: Answering the phone
:::: A giant falling over
:::: Bursting out through a door
:::: A character clutching its head in dispair
:::: Waiting for the results of a job interview or tryout
:::: A character slapping it head as if it just said something stupid
:::: Tasting something delicious or disgusting
:::: Watching a scary movie
:::: Trying to take operate a complicated DVD player
:::: Falling out of a chair
:::: Leaning on something only to find that it gives way and falls over
:::: Trying to carefully remove a painting from the wall
:::: Waiting for a late bus
:::: Late for a bus that's on time
:::: Tuck and roll
:::: Trying to remember where they put something
:::: Trying to move against wind, such as from a giant fan, trying to reach a goal
:::: Catching a heavy object, such as a boulder
:::: Climbing a wall (different heights)
:::: Back/front flip
:::: Wall run/flip
:::: A tightrope walker
:::: Trapeze artist
:::: Weightlessness/underwater
:::: Running through/avoiding obstacles such as an obstacle course
:::: Having fun on a trampoline
:::: A character climbing a pipe such as on the side of a building
:::: Two characters of different strengths/sizes sawing a log
:::: Quadrupeds/Creatures
:::: Winged Creatures(dragons, birds, etc)
:::: Dropping something off at the mailbox
:::: Character tries to access a bank machine and it misbehaves
:::: Character tries to use a restroom and can't
:::: Character thinks they're going to sneeze, then not sneeze and then finally sneezing
:::: Character trying to swat a fly or catch a bug
:::: Stretching
:::: Coughing
:::: Laughing
:::: Lying down
:::: Kneeling down
:::: Rubbing your hands
:::: Checking the time
:::: Answering a phone
:::: Ducking under a swinging object
:::: Reaching into a cupboard
:::: Pulling out your keys
:::: Buttoning your shirt
:::: Brushing your teeth
:::: Flipping a pancake
:::: Turning on a light
:::: Opening a window
:::: Putting on a Shoe
:::: Putting on a Hat
:::: Putting on a Belt
:::: Putting on a Pants
:::: Putting on a Glove
:::: Putting on a Shirt
:::: opening a Soda (variation: it's been shaken)
:::: opening a Box of chocolate
:::: opening a Car Door (variation: for a date)
:::: opening a Jar (variation: it's stuck)
:::: opening a Bag (variation: it's a mystery what's inside)
:::: A character climbing a ladder, but has to jump and pull himself up to reach the first few rungs.
:::: Dropping onto a soft surface, such as a giant pillow

:::: Walk cycle (show different attitudes)
:::: Run Cycle (same as walk)
:::: Lip Sync tests
:::: Coming to a stop from a walk/run
:::: Starting to run from a walk or stop
:::: A pace back and forth
:::: A Sneak
:::: Fight between two characters(big vs small, etc)
:::: Dancing(Any number of possible genres. Pay special attention to footwork)
:::: Parkour
:::: Two or more characters working together to reach a goal (i.e. a high place where character a gives character b a boost with his hands, then character b pulls character a up)

Saturday, April 6, 2013